A Detail-Oriented Approach To Paternity Claims

Believing that you are the father of a child is not enough in the eyes of the law. Regardless of the circumstances regarding a pregnancy or birth of a child you presume is yours, you need an attorney at your side.

At the Law Office of Stacy Kosub, PLLC, we take the specific legal steps necessary to prove paternity, including registration and DNA testing.

Complex Laws And Statutes Of Limitations Require Immediate Action

The Texas Paternity Registry allows men to register a sexual encounter or a child's birth. Documenting potential fatherhood provides protection if your paternal rights are compromised. If a child is being put up for adoption or has been removed from a home by Child Protective Services (CPS), you need to take fast action.

Failure to file a Notice of Intent to Claim Paternity prior to or a mandated time following the birth of the child could result in termination of your parental rights.

Diligent Legal Advocacy In Child Custody And Support Cases

With paternity comes the obligation of emotionally and financially providing for the newborn child. You are entitled to quality time through visitation. In addition, you will also have a court-ordered duty to provide child support.

Conversely, a mother requesting financial support may come with allegations of you being the father of a child. Disputing paternity requires legal counsel to protect your rights with fact-based strategies that start with DNA testing.

The Legal Help You Need In Paternity Disputes

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