Life Changes. So Does Your Divorce Agreement

Your divorce agreement reflects the circumstances of the time. However, as the months and years go by, life changes. You or your spouse may remarry or find new jobs. Your children's needs and interests will continually change as they grow older.

At the Law Office of Stacy Kosub, PLLC, we represent new and former clients throughout Texas seeking modifications to parenting time and child support. We also help with relocation matters when a spouse wants to move to another state.

The Need For Legal Help When Changing The Status Quo

When you end a chapter in life to begin another, divorce orders must be revisited. Material changes in circumstances that necessitate modifications range from the anticipation of a new marriage to the loss of a longtime job. Whether we are pursuing or defending against a modification, we focus on the best outcome, even if that involves a trial.

Taking on a manageable caseload of family law matters allows attorney Stacy Kosub to focus on your specific issues. Her knowledge of Texas laws governing relocations, child custody and visitation, and child support helps her determine if life-changing events necessitate modifications.

Personalized Legal Advocacy When You Need It Most

At your free consultation, we spend time with you and answer all your questions about the modification process and the applicable laws. From there, we educate you on potential options and the best possible outcome of your case.

To schedule your free consultation with an experienced divorce modification lawyer, contact us online or call our Wichita Falls law office at 940-767-8888.