Asserting Your Rights As A Grandparent

In addition to parents and children, grandparents are also casualties of divorce. If you have been shut out from the lives of your grandchildren, you need an attorney who will educate you on your options and rights.

Committed To Asserting And Protecting Grandparent's Rights

A belief that you do not have rights as a grandparent requires you to educate yourself. Getting the facts starts with a telephone call to an attorney. At the Law Office of Stacy Kosub, PLLC, we can help you assert your rights to quality time with your grandchildren.

Texas family law prioritizes the best interests of children in all child custody and visitation matters. Legal grounds that exist to provide you visitation include:

  • Termination of parental rights
  • Incarceration, incompetence or death of a parent
  • Denial of visitation affecting the grandchildren's emotional and physical health
  • Proof that parents are not acting in the best interests of children

From psychological evaluations to in-home studies, Stacy Kosub remains at your side throughout every step of the legal process. Going through legal complexities and emotionally charged issues are frustrating. Our job is to help you make good choices and focus on what is most important: the well-being of your grandchildren.

Take Action To Preserve Your Relationship With Your Grandchildren

If you are estranged from your grandchildren due to the actions of your children, contact a skilled and experienced family lawyer at our Wichita Falls law office today. Place a call to our law firm by calling 940-767-8888 or send us an email.