Focused On The Best Interests Of Your Children

What starts as an uncontested divorce can become highly disputed when financial conflicts arise. The end of your marriage brings personal and financial uncertainty to all affected family members. You want to continue the lifestyle you had while married and ensure that your children are provided for financially.

At the Law Office of Stacy Kosub, PLLC, we provide you with compassionate representation at a time you need it most. From your initial consultation to the final resolution of your divorce, you will have a lawyer at your side.

Combining Courtroom Experience With Contemporary Legal Knowledge

Strict guidelines in Wichita County and surrounding areas of Texas dictate support amounts. However, special circumstances often lead to judges going outside the child support calculator. With knowledge of the changes in caps and percentages that determine support amounts, Stacy Kosub will personalize strategies to go outside the established calculations.

Mediation is preferred. Yet, Stacy Kosub will not hesitate to try your family law case, especially when the best interests of your children are at stake. As a former district attorney with hundreds of hours in the courtroom, she knows the importance of litigation. Whether your case involves a new or a future support violation or modification, she will pursue the best possible resolution.

Protecting Your Rights And Your Children's Future

Educating you on the process can help alleviate your anxiety over divorce. Providing dedicated representation can give you peace of mind. Help in relieving your stress starts with a telephone call. Schedule a free consultation at our Wichita Falls law office. Call 940-767-8888 or email our law firm.