Protecting Your Freedom And Future

When you come to terms with your marriage ending, you may not be at your best. Emotions run high and judgment is impaired on both sides as you both start a complex legal process. Many of our clients are not only facing hearings in family court, but also appearances in criminal court because of aggravated assault allegations.

Divorce actions and criminal charges intersect when harassment or battery is alleged by a spouse. The challenges you are facing go beyond restraining orders.

Striving To Minimize Criminal And Divorce-Related Consequences

In many family violence cases, spouses do not want to proceed with criminal charges. Others refuse to cooperate when prosecutors move forward with a case without them. Instead of testimony from the alleged victim, experts testify that noncooperation is part of the abuse cycle.

At the Law Office of Stacy Kosub, PLLC, we build strong criminal defenses supported by our own experts. You need a law firm with the resources necessary to counter the prosecution's arguments. More importantly, you need legal counsel to prevent a conviction.

A Former Prosecutor Matching The Resources Of District Attorneys

Stacy Kosub is a criminal defense lawyer who works tirelessly to keep your record clean. Her background includes time as a prosecutor. With hundreds of hours in criminal court, she knows how her former peers pursue convictions. In response, she employs strategies to counter their arguments.

The stakes are high. You not only face orders of protection and possible prison time, but also long-term consequences regarding custody of your children.

Dedicated Legal Counsel When Your Freedom And Reputation Are At Risk

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