Fighting The Suspension Of Your Driver's License

An arrest for drunk driving is a traumatic experience where you need to make immediate decisions. While you may believe that pleading guilty is the best option, you need to know that a drunk driving conviction has consequences beyond criminal penalties. You need to first consult with an experienced attorney.

Whether you are a college student attending Midwestern State University or a commercially licensed driver fearing the end of your career, we can help. At the Law Office of Stacy Kosub, PLLC, we will aggressively fight to minimize the consequences you face immediately after a DWI arrest.

The Importance Of Protecting Your Driving Privileges

Refusing to provide a breath or blood sample or providing a sample with an alcohol concentration of .08 or greater can lead to license suspension. Following an arrest, you have a short window of opportunity to request an administrative license revocation (ALR) hearing.

Failing to take that important step can lead to the loss of your driving privileges. Scheduling a hearing can provide you with options to have your license restored or secure an occupational license to drive to and from work.

ALR hearings are also an opportunity for criminal lawyer and former assistant district attorney Stacy Kosub to build a strong defense. Cross-examining law enforcement gives us a window into the prosecution's case if we take your case to trial.

Helping You Overcome The Obstacles Following A Drunk Driving Arrest

You need to protect your rights between the initial arrest and a subsequent trial or plea agreement. Schedule a free, no-risk consultation to discuss your drunk driving case and schedule your ALR hearing. Call our Wichita Falls law office at 940-767-8888 or get in touch by email.